A Quick Saturday Driveby

This afternoon on my way home from Leamington (no time to do the Windsor boxes), I zipped into the London Calling box near London, Ontario and picked up a quick stamp.   I found this one interesting.  The theme of the stamp was really cool, with the British telephone booth across the road.  BUT, the box itself was not only hidden on private property (no one close around but still….), it was also very close to an extremely busy highway.  No chance for stealth on this one.  And then the stamp itself was hyped up to be very special and I personally did not find it to be that exceptional of a carve, although it was nicely done.  (Maybe I am just way too critical).  And then I made the mistake of using the ink pad left in the box and it was almost dried out and didn’t leave a good impression.  Oh well…… next time I will use my own markers (in the same colour of course).  I tried to redo a second impression over the original and it just ‘fuzzed’ it up.   Oh well… another ‘find’ for the log book.