Earth Day Expedition

Yeah!!! This afternoon (after a morning dentist appointment), we hiked the trails through three different conservations areas to plant three more letterboxes.   I have to say, this is an extremely scenic series with fairly short, family friendly hikes and lots of “views”.   Well worth the drive to the Bruce (if I am a little biased about this myself!!).

We began at Pottawatomi Conservation Area near Owen Sound with a short hike out to Jones Falls.   Then we drove north to the hamlet of Copper Kettle and explored “The Glen Management Area“.  This was a lovely walk of about 20 minutes (one way) with a great hiding place at the end.  The spring wildflowers were just starting and there were as of yet no mosquitos to bother us, so we had a nice afternoon ramble.  Another short drive northward, and we were at Kemble Mountain Lookout.  This time I was on my own (my family being all tuckered out) as I ambled out through the woods to the escarpment edge.  My walk was greeted by a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers calling and drumming me into the forest.  Then, upon reaching the escarpment brow I was serenaded by a wood thrush.   I could hear the frogs in the marsh below and then a cacaphony of geese (something must have disturbed them from their rest on the marsh).   I had to go a fair distance (about another 20 minutes) along the brow of the escarpment before I found anything distinctive enough to use as a clue, but the great spring weather and wonderful atmosphere made the hike quite enjoyable.   No regrets at all.

And then, when I arrived home, it was to discover a pair (and a third intruder male) of bluebirds taking over one of the nest boxes I had installed on the corner of the yard on Sunday.  How exciting is that???

So all in all, a very rewarding and relaxing earth day.  Happy Earth Day to all!