An Afternoon in Kitchener

On Thursday, I had a meeting in Kitchener in the late afternoon, so I went early with the idea of scooping up a few letterboxes.   I started off with Wunderbar, which begins at the Oktoberfest Pavilion in the downtown area.   A cute little stamp in a deserted playground/park.   It was a fairly easy find and a nice short walk on a sunny spring afternoon. 

Then I went to another playground park where I could not find Mummies in the Park.  (A “muggle” came out on his back porch and asked me if I was looking for “the letterbox”.  Apparently he has watched / helped a number of families find this one last fall.)  However, when he came out to look it was definately gone. 

Next I went to the Dance School at #139 where I found Dancer in the Garden.  I was very impressed by the way the clue, the location, the box and the stamp all worked together around the theme.   It was a very neat little hidden community garden.

Then I drove over to Monarch Woods to try to find Butterflies and Raccoons.  What a lovely little forest area with a bubbling stream running through the centre and boardwalks and bridges throughout.  There were a number of folks out enjoying the spring air and sunshine.   There was another letterboxer there at the same time I was.  I first spotted him because he had a backpack and was waving around a piece of white paper (just like I was).   At that point, I was on the other side of the stream and he was poking around through the bush at the end of a bunch of logs.   (Funny to watch from a distance when you “suspect” what’s happening.)  I often do not box in urban areas, so it was a bit different for me to even see someone who I suspected might be after the same “treasure” as I was.  Anyways… I waited until he had finished up, rehid and left before I went in for the find.  Sure enough, his stamp was there in the logbook ~ Venture5.   (I couldn’t find him in the AQ listing, so maybe he is a geocacher/hybrid.  He did have a stamp that he left behind).   Anyways….   that was box number two.  Despite following the directions for box #1 (the butterfly one) in several different directions for several different attempts, I was unable to get anywhere close (as far as I could tell).   There were a lot of fresh trees down which really helped to confuse the picture as far as the clues were concerned.  Anyways….. the Raccoon logbook was “really neat” and the walk in the woods was quite lovely on a refreshing spring day.   Well worth the time and effort.

All around, a good afternoon, even though I found only three of the five I went for.