Winter Storm ~ Letterboxing Itch

Today we are having yet another winter storm.  Oh, when will it ever go away???  Up to 15 cm (that’s a good 6 inches for you south of the border) and blowing around ~ again.   And we were almost starting to see green grass.  Anyways….  I’ve really got the bug.  So… I’m pulling out the letterboxes that I’m working on to plant.  I think tonight I’ll do another monotonous job ~ covering them with the duct tape.  One more job to get done before the boxing season starts.   I can’t wait.

I’ve also worked on the map you see at the right which locates all of the boxes I have planted (or will be planting in 2008), as well as updating my subpages with photos.  

 I may begin work on another series (or two) once I have all of the Niagara Escarpment Series completed.   We’ll see how this goes.  I have a couple of stamps that are giving me a bit of attitude.   Other than that, most of them should be ready to go early in the spring.   It really is almost worth a weekend on the Bruce to try to find them all!!!