First Boxing of the Season

This week I went to a conference in PA, and I managed to get in a bit of boxing on the way down.   I went a day ahead to visit my Aunt & Uncle in Falls, PA and managed to get in an afternoon of boxing in Scranton before my conference.  I tried several of Silent Doug’s boxes.  I must confess, I must not be too good at the “story” type of clues, because I was only able to find one of the five boxes that I went looking for in three parks around Scranton.   But… in the one I did manage to find ~ The Mystery of Bull Hill in Lackawana State Park ~ there was a hitchhiker that I brought home to Ontario.  It will be planted as soon as the weather up here cooperates.

 I was a bit disappointed to not be able to stop and search for the Sprite and Highlander’s Waterfowl series (I am a bird watcher) in North Western NY, as I got a bit off course and then low on gas.  By the time I had filled up, I was too far out of the way to go back and search.  Oh well, next trip out.  

 I also managed to not be able to find Mossy Bank at Bath, NY on my way home, due to not having detailed enough directions to find the right parking lot.

 All in all, a bit of a disappointing try.  Hopefully, better luck (and better weather) on the next trip down.   But it still doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the sport.

It was great to get a start on the season’s boxing and now I’ll have that much more incentive to finish completely the eight boxes I am working on, so that I can get them planted as soon as the snow goes.  I also managed to introduce a new friend (from my conference) to letterboxing (although we didn’t manage to find the box we were looking for).