My Letterboxing Log ~ 2007 Summary

Feb. 2007 ~ I discover letterboxing from an Unschooling website.  I draw and carve a signature stamp and purchase a log book and Marvy Markers.  A daypack and a few other items and I’m “ready to box”.

March 2007 ~ I plan my first letterboxing outing to coincide with a trip from southwestern Ontario where I live, to Ottawa and down through NY State to a camping conference.

March 18, 2007 ~ The weather is a bit iffy, and I’m anxious to get to my motel, so I leave behind the letterboxes in the Ottawa area and head for the border.

March 19, 2007 ~ My first letterbox in Pierrepont Manor, NY.  A lovely little restored schoolhouse on a windy back road.  I park beside the road and retrieve the box from it’s hiding place, retreating back to the truck to stamp in.

District #10 ~ Pierrepont Manor, NY

March 20, 2007 ~ I have made it as far as Binghamton, NY.   Yesterday, I had to bypass a number of stamps due to them being buried under too much snow, workers in the area I needed to search and then blizzardy driving conditions as the day progressed.  Today is a bit warmer and the sun is shining, so I stop at the SUNY Nature Preserve.  I am able to find two boxes here (and the Lazy Ladybug Hitchhiker that I pick up to take back to Ontario), and several more elude me due to lots of snowfall.  My logbook says “1st day of spring.  I can hear cardinals calling their spring song.  The sun is warm and the pond is beginning to melt.  And many rivulets under the snow”.    What a great way to begin my letterboxing career.  I also enjoy the search in a local cemetery for The Overall Factory letterbox.  I learn the history of a local factory that burned and the women who died there.   A piece of history I never would have learned without letterboxing.   And I will remember the story for a long time, even though I didn’t find the box or collect the image.

March 21, 2007 ~ I visit Winding Hills Park near Montogomery, NY (where my camping conference is being held).  I would never have come to this beautiful park were it not for letterboxing.  I find two and give up on another, due to fairly heavy slogging through 8 inches of crusty snow for over a mile (and finding only store boughten stamps when I did finally arrive).  I must confess to already feeling a preference for hand carved stamps.  For me, the image at the end is as important as the search and it makes it more enjoyable when the image somehow reflects the clue or the location.

April 21, 2007 ~ Back in Ontario.  We (my family, including husband and son and my parents) spend an enjoyable spring day at Pilkington Outlook near Elora, ON.   We find two of the four boxes hidden there (we will come back later and retrieve the other two).  We discover the KissyFace Angels Hitchhiker and leave the Lazy Ladybug Hitchhiker I brought from NY state. 

May 12, 2007 ~ Mother’s Day.  My family (don’t have a family trail name yet) and I spend the day letterboxing.  We find The Diver at Irish Mountain, Meaford, ON on a beautiful lookout area, and search for Let’s Go Sailing at the harbour breakwall (which we cannot find.  It appears that letterboxing is as much miss as it is hit.

May 26, 2007 ~ We visit the Watson Trail series in Guelph, ON.   We collect 4 of the 5 images. (We’ll have to go back to retrieve the last one some other time).

May 27, 2007 ~ I make a trip up to Wiarton (from Sauble Beach) to plant my first box.  Niagara Escarpment Series #12 ~ Wiarton Willie.  A nice drive-by.   There are 16 locations planned for the series between Bognor Marsh to the East of Owen Sound and Lion’s Head (on the Bruce Peninsula) in the north.

July 20, 2007 ~ I got busy with summer camp in full swing.  Today I went to Harrison Park in Owen Sound and planted two more boxes.  NES #5 ~ i. Sanctuary and ii. Underground Terminus.  A combination of history and nature. 

August 9, 2007 ~ I have carved two more stamps and planted them today at Bognor Marsh.   NES#2 ~ i. Soaring With the Turkeys and ii. Singing With the Blackbirds

September 17, 2007 ~ Our anniversary.  We spent the day boxing as a family.  We visited Scanlon Creek Conservation Area near Bradford to search out the Green Forest Series stamps.  We found three of the six, Grandfather Frog, Chatterer the Red Squirrel, and Sammy Jay.  My logbook is beginning to take on a very artistic aire.    Back to Meaford (on our way home) to pick up Let’s Go Sailing that we missed earlier at the breakwall (read the clues carefully!!!) and then a stop at Spey River Forest Management Area to plant yet another box ~ NES #1 ~ Down on the Homestead.  

ontheroadagain.jpg atthelookout.jpg undertheboardwalk.jpg

September 18, 2007 ~ On our way down to Mount Forest from Sauble Beach we stopped to pick up three easy drive-bys that I’ve been “watching” for a while ~ Albert in Tara, The Gingerbread Man and Brick Ruins in Chesley.

September 29, 2007 ~ We are unable to attend the BoxON weekend in Belleville, but I contributed two stamps to the event.  Soaring Vistas representing southwestern Ontario, and Fruitland Ontario, representing the Niagara region.  I would like to travel some day to Belleville and find these boxes.

October 8, 2007 ~ Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  We spend a sunny fall day letterboxing as a family.  Yamaha near Shelburne, Alliston Potato Festival in ” you guessed it” Alliston, and one of the Old MacDonald Had A Band series in Beeton.  Still lots to go back for.


That’s it for 2007.   What will 2008 hold?  (I am working on some more stamps to complete the Niagara Escarpment Series).